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Surprised deapool girl


What makes she so surprised? I am very interetsred in her deadpool zentai costume,and this is also my first time to see girl wearing deadpool costume, so she is very fresh to me, unlike other people wear deadpool, she is very sexy and cute instead of cool, cmompared with those cool deadpool, I like her better, he has set an good example of deadpool for all of girls, if you also like deadpool, just have a try?

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Hot lady with zentai suit and bikini


I have to say she is very sexy with pink zentai full bodysuit and bikini. do do you have courage to wear your zentai like that ouside? Maybe most of you don’t have including me, but it is really nice, and she will be liked by a lot of zentai fans, and she showsa different way of wearing zentai full bodysuit, if you have a sexy body shape, just don’t miss the chance to show to us.

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Funny deadpool and superman


Which one do you like better? Deadpool or superman? Both of them are very popualr superheroes, we can see many superhero fans wea different superhero zentai costumes, in our life, and they look like the real superhero in the comic.

This picture isvery funny, as we can see there is a deadpool and he is making a phone call, while the superhero is standing so strait as he is showing us a cool pose. he wants to tell us that superman is more cool.

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Interesting zentai shot


Today I found an interesting zentai photo on my friend’s blog, and makes me laugh, and then I feel very happy. I think the two people who are wearing lycra spandex zentai suits look so funny, and there is a ;ady middle of them and it seems that she is reading a book, while the two zentai boys are looking at her book seriously, what do they want to tell us? I have no idea, but it gives me fun.

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Keep a cool pose in zentai

zentai store

Zentai fans like wearing their zentai together and then talk,play or take photos.  It is a very bog fun for  them, maybe they will exchange their good idea of wearing zentai, or they will share their funny zentai experiences. While I think it is cool for you to make some cool poses in zentai, especially when taking photos, you will look like a zentai model.You have your own zentai style that will makes you outsanding of your friends.

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A sweet leopard zentai castuit

dan lee

The girl is very famouse in China, and she looks very sweet in this leopard zentai catsuit, as we can see she has a very pretty body shape, and she can be the most hot zentai model I think,acctually we can seldm see Chinese people wear zentai suit in public, and most of them just keep their zentai in private, so it is very lucky to see the girl wear beautiful zentai outside, she will cause a big attention on the street! Her leopard catsuit can be custom on bonhoo, and you just should choose without hood and feet.


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Batman is checking out

What will do you meet a bataman in a supermarket? Will you ask him to take a photo with you? Haha, that will be very interesting to do like that, more and more batman fans wear cool batman superhero zentai costume in life, and they go to different public plceas with their costumes, they try to tell other people they are cool batman,and it is very funny! Moreoever, it is a wonderful thing for batman fanto own a cool batman costumes, and they get a lot of fun when they are wearing cool costume outside.

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Batman is always popular at halloween



So if you want to continue popular at halloween party, you had better to wear batman zentai costume, I mean not only those boys, buut also girls.  see the two pictures above, there are sexy girls who wearing batman costume, and they are hot bat girls , do you agree? I guess most of girl will like this kind of costume, they are with sexy designs, but not the classic batman costume.

source from:

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